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8:06 a.m. - 2016-03-14
Always with the gaps...
It's been nearly three quarters of a year. Everything is different and everything is the same. One thing that seems to not change is my preference for communication in...List Form!

1. Mopsie-Popsie is a year and a half now. He has grown to be 35 kg, 71 lb or 5 st, whichever you prefer.

2. Also, his real name is Codgie, which is infinitely easier to write than the preceding.

3. He is SUCH a goof! Very much a swimmer, a shepherd and a sighthound. Interesting mix. I love him dearly, and never would have thought it. Mr. Dog was my best friend, and it was a sort of confusing mix, missing him and having Codgie present.

4. Oh, and did I mention? Puppies are assholes.

5. Work. Work is veree interesting. I am so overloaded that yesterday I thought that a rest cure sounds like an awfy good idea...

6. I am still at the library, and also have my Tiny Company. A profit was made last year of USD30. Oh, no, 32. HAhahahaha!

7. I managed to alienate Client the first, sadly, but as life would have it, Clients the second and the third are keeping me more than busy. It's very interesting and entertaining work.

8. My focus is broadening my skill base, but it does seem that everything boils down to editing. If people had a personal editor like they have a personal assistant, that would be interesting to see.

9. Client the fourth has given me a gem of a book to edit. It really IS That Good. I wish I could tell about it, but confidentiality is one of the few things in life that I take seriously.

10. Biba's new room is a smashing success. I then took a backhoe to her old room to clear it out, and now it is my Nap Room.

11. Said and aforementioned Nap Room has much work still to be done. Some wall repair (thumbtack holes), painting, carpet or a huge rug, and a door to be hung in the barn door style.

12. Directly conflicting with the Nap Room work that needs to be done, yes you guessed it, the work that Tiny Company needs to be done.

13. Look! It's #13!

14. Ned is in a new (to him) band and the energy is really good. They are taking off!

15. Lots of goofy things happen, both good and bad. I sometimes get dragged into the past, and have to fight the bitterness. Bitterness that is small, trivial and completely unnecessary. Bitterness over what? That I got freedom? I admit, the moments are small and not often. I think I just sometimes feel awfy lonely plodding forward, wondering where exactly is it that I am heading.

16. Every 24 hours I feel another day older. I realise how precious life is, and how easy it is to just waste it away. How easy it is to get sidetracked by things that ultimately don't matter.

17. Having said that, I think I do need a bit more free time to do creative things. This will come with organisation, I think.

So there it is. Or isn't. Life goes on.



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