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11:00 p.m. - 2015-01-31
Hi! 'Memba me?
Hallo! It's me , Fifi. To paraphrase Monty Python...I'm not dead yet.

I've had loads of adventures in Orkland, I have taken my job and shoved it (I don't work there anymore) made lots of new you may know, my dear best friend in the world Mr. Dog died. Now we have a new addition to the family. I'll call him Mopsie-Popsie. He is a giant bouncing fuzzy black puppy.

I am making preps to start my own company as soon as I am legally free to do so. Oh, I still work at the library, yay!

I should put a free comments thingy in, but who knows when I'll update again.

Smoochies! XOFifi


Cavalry - Apache

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