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11:11 p.m. - 2015-06-28
That tonic was bollocks...
Sir Meowalot was just on my shoulder as I was trying to write this. He has thee most awkward timing.

So what's the news? Well, it has stopped raining. Tomorrow ought to be a good day for the pool, especially if my sister can join me. I have just gotten two new cozzies, and they both look like little sailor suits. Because everyone looks good in navy! Ha! Navy...sailors...

So remember how I used to be a total wastrel spendthrift? I know, I can barely remember it as well. Now, somehow I find great delight in being frugal! I could probbo be even more so, but I am still learning, all the time, y'know. And I am a pervasive slow learner. I don't remember where I first heard that phrase, but I do tend to apply it to myself at times. Y'know, as a handy excuse...

Also, have you noticed that if someone is grilling you and giving you the third degree about something you can say either "I'm delicate" or "I have nerves" and then they tend to stop right away? Weird...

Also, if you get caught doing something a bit off or odd, you can smile and murmur "I have problems..." and they all chuckle sympathetically?

And if someone is frustrated with something or other, or if something is going wrong, I say "I blame gnomes..." and they cheer right up.


Well, Mopsie-popsie has been digging again and rolling in whatever he digs up. Right now he smells just awful, but only on the left side of his face. SO that's all right, he isn't a walking repellant or anything.

SO I finally got through series 15 of Midsomer Murders, and I had to go right back round to s.1 ep.1 as sort of a cleanser. I do so love the Barnabys. Now I have to find something new to see. I do think that Doc Martin series 6 is on netflix now, probbo has been for a while. SO there will be things to see when I get the time.

Well, I am beginning to bore myself, so I will sign off for the mo.



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